Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dining Room Tour

This was the room that we used as storage space for all of our wedding stuff. The wedding is over, all of our wedding stuff is cleared out and I've been working on getting this room back in order. I thought I'd post some photos of the transition. 
New Wine Bar/Buffet Server
The table top slides out on each side and extends, giving lots of extra space.
 Photos that I took in Italy

 Shelf from Bed Bath & Beyond
with the two love birds that sat on our sweetheart table at our wedding
 Curio cabinet for my martini glass collection
 Top Shelf: Champagne Glasses, Candle Sticks (from our sweetheart table), Glass Vase 
 Second Shelf: Our Toasting Flutes with matching Dessert Serving Set, my great grandmother's liqueur glasses
 Third Shelf: Martini Glasses
(the Fourth Shelf has similar martini glasses)
 My Great Grandmother's Demitasse Cups & Saucers
 Top of the Wine Bar/Buffet Server
 Ikea Picture Frame with Damask fabric

As some of you know, we are renters and there are many things that bother me about certain rooms in our house but we just try to make the best of each space. Like for example, I hate the carpeting and drop ceilings in the dining room and living room. If it were up to me, I would have no carpeting and everything would be wood flooring- it's cleaner and it looks a lot nicer, in my opinion. It's far too expensive to buy new flooring or put up sheetrock ceilings in a rental so we made the best of the space by painting the walls and moulding (the moulding alone made a huge difference). Sometimes you just have to work with what you have...until you find that dream home.


  1. I love the color scheme you went with, very cute! I also love those teacups... adorable!!!

  2. That's a coincidence, we just moved last weekend and I am currently on the hunt for a little bar cart as well. They are so nice to have. I love the teacups! Nice touch. You've done a great job with "making the best of what you've got".

  3. wow, so nice!


  4. I like this blog. cool post. i´d like you check out mine.


  5. You did a good job so far with decorating, I love the collection space, really cool...you sure have some good taste


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