Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Shoes & OOTD!

 Steve Madden/Madden Girl
Style: Lokomo
For such a cute shoe, they are soooooo comfortable!

Dress: Accessorize (Italy)
-notice the sporadic sequins, they totally make the dress.
Shoes: Madden Girl Lokomo - I couldn't wait to wear them!
Bracelet: a little shop in Taormina, Sicily (Italy)


  1. You look great! Love those shoes =)
    I can't get to your blog when you comment on mine ... when I click your link it says "profile not available". Just thought I'd let you know ... I can access it only through the dashboard.
    Hope you are well! I'm going to hunt for some wedding photos on your blog now =)

  2. Just commented on your ceremony post =) Are you going to do a reception post or did I miss it somehow?


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