Monday, August 15, 2011

A Fabulicious Night

I guess I was in the cooking mood tonight because I made Butterfly Basil Chicken for dinner -which was really easy to make and delicious too- and then baked some Holy Cannoli Cupcakes for dessert. I bought two cookbooks before I went to Italy: Theresa Giudice's Skinny Italian and Fabulicious and I have been cooking up a storm since our return. There are a lot of scrumptious recipies in both cookbooks and most of them are fairly simple to make. What I love the most is none of her recipies require odd ingredients that you never heard of (and have no idea where to find them in the store).

I'm a huge cannoli fan so when I saw this recipie I was beyond excited. I ate a cannoli almost every single day that I was in Italy. There's nothing better than cannoli cream in my book!

Holy Cannoli Cupcakes:

 centers cut out to fill with cannoli creme
cannoli creme! 
 filling the centers
 homemade cocoa whipped cream
mmmmm the finished product!

Have a craving for something sweet?
You can find the recipie here.

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