Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cleaning Up & A Poll for You to Answer

I decided to clean up a little bit on here and tidy up my little place in the blogosphere. I added a new header and I have renamed my blog to Schnelle. You may notice some minor changes throughout the next couple of days, so bear with me while I work to make everything more streamlined and organized.
I have also added a poll to the very top of my blog (above this post) and I hope that you will take part and cast a vote. I want to find out what you want to see more of here on Schnelle. If there is something not listed that you want to see more of, leave me a comment here.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Happy Sunday!

I know I'll be enjoying my evening watching Kim's (Kardashian) Fairytale Wedding.
Is anyone else super excited for tonight's special?


  1. I like the name change - Short and sweet :). Looking forward to seeing the rest of your changes :)

  2. I like your blog so you have new follower. ;)
    Check out my blog & follow me if you like it. :D

  3. so i voted....for everything. LOL.

  4. oh, it's always nice to change things up on the blog, I've been thinking about it as well. love the new header! I voted!

    I didn't catch the wedding but I've got it DVR'd so will be watching it soon! :)

  5. I voted!! I watched Kim's special too!! Their wedding was so beyond sweet & beautiful, although all of the tension beforehand was a lot to handle!!

    The blog looks great love!! xox


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