Saturday, October 29, 2011

Party of 5!

Well on my way home yesterday I had to stop off and buy a snow shovel because we are supposed to get a snow storm today. Yea, before Halloween- a freakin snow storm. Ridiculous, right?! Anyway, I have been looking for months for Wet n' Wild's Fast Dry Party of Five polish and I finally found it! It's always sold out but this time I got the last bottle. I was so excited. I know, a little crazy, getting exctied about a $1.99 bottle of nail polish but I was. I also picked up a bottle of Wet n' Wild Wild Shine in Blazed because I love coral colors. I know, it's winter time (& it's snowing right now as I type this) but it's such a pretty color and it was like a dollar; so I hope it doesn't chip too easily.

In other news, I spent a few hours the other night making my Halloween costume and we're supposed to be going out tonight so I'm hoping this so-called storm ends up being just a few flurries. I took pictures of the construction of my costume that I'll post once I post the actual costume. So stay tuned....


  1. Finally, the time I'm thankful to be in Ohio! Haha. Snow sucks :( Especially near Halloween.

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  2. Wonderful nails! :-) I love your blog! Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you! :-)

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  3. i love that glitter polish!! =D

  4. Just used the glitter polish today! Love the look and how cheap it is!


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