Thursday, March 1, 2012

Suave Professionals Dry Conditioner?!

We have all certainly heard of dry shampoo and if you're like me, your routine relies heavily on that one amazing product. Seriously, what did we all do before dry shampoo? Baby powder, I suppose, but dry shampoo has certainly made life a whole lot easier and our hair now smells a whole lot better too!

Anyway, I was browsing though the aisles in Target the other day and I came across a bottle of dry conditioner. What the heck is dry conditioner?! Well the product claims the following: "This lightweight dry conditioner spray, with shea butter and sunflower seed extract, lightly conditions hair for renewed shine and smoothness between washes."
I didn't purchase it because at the time it seemed like a completely unnecessary product but then I got to thinking, my hair is kind of dull looking after using the dry shampoo, maybe I could use this.
Suave Professionals Dry Conditioner

What are your thoughts on dry conditioner?
Have you tried it yet?

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  1. I had no idea they made dry conditioner either! After I use dry shampoo I'll sometimes run a hairdryer through my hair to give it some more body!

  2. Like it, I think it could be useful for many of us!

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  4. Dry Conditioner?! Never heard of it either, I wonder if this would make your hair look greasy?

  5. I've never heard of it, i'll have to try it :)

  6. i am curious about it too! if you try it please share another post with your review!


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