Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DRESSing Room

Summer is officially here and that being said, there is a lot going on (graduations, parties, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.) and I need dresses! I set out on a mission to find some but only one lucky dress made the cut and landed a spot in the backseat of my car. I've come to realize that whenever I set out looking for something in particular, I never find it. Anyone else feel this way?
On the hanger this looked like a dress, turns out it was a romper and it made me feel like a ruffled zebra.

This was from Kohls, I believe the brand is Apt 9. I adore the color and shape of this dress but it needs to be tailored, apparently I have no hips.

This flowy mint dress caught my eye immediately. I love this color but the top made me feel like I was sprouting wings and overall, the shape just wasn't flattering.

I saw this neon coral/pink high/low dress and I got excited. Then I put it on, and from a side view I looked preggo.

I really loved this dress and it even came with a hot pink belt but there was a small stain and a pull in the fabric, thankfully I caught that becasue otherwise this would've been mine.
I'm glad I found this navy striped dress after my disappointment with the other striped dress above. It have a cut out on the back too. This one made it home with me! 
Back at Kohls, this was by Elle, I decided to channel my inner desperate housewife and try this on. Remember how I said I felt like I had no hips? Well this dress gave me hips but not in a flattering sense.

I gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried the blue one on too but it fit the same.
Ever have shopping trips like this, where you hope to find a bunch of things you like end up leaving with only one item?


  1. Glad you were able to take home that cute striped dress! I feel the same way, it seems whenever I'm looking for something specific I can never find it.

    The Tiny Heart
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  2. You have such a cute figure! I hate when you go shopping and come home empty handed.

  3. All the time! It can get really frustrating, especially when something looks so cute on the hanger and you want it to fit desperately!

  4. The coral hi-low is my favorite! Bummer it made you look prego from the side because that color suits you so well!

  5. Oh I like the 2 striped dresses, too bad one of them had a stain! It happens to me too, I will try on so many things, but leave with only 1 or nothing at all!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. I had exactly this issue yesterday! I took 7 dresses into the changing room and came out with one! Annnd it was the most basic and cheapest out of them all : / clearly I have cheap taste!


  7. I like to visit this blog because every time the experience is better.

  8. I feel like every time I set out looking to spend money I never end up finding anything! Glad you took the navy/white dress home- it's adorable!

  9. i'm glad you found something! i feel like when i shop, i either find nothing or too much. there's rarely a happy medium.

  10. I love all of these - especially the pink! And I hear ya, whenever I go with a mission I end up buying everything BUT what I came for (clothes, groceries) you name it!

  11. OMG -- this happened to me the other day when I went to Kohls. I tried on like 7 things and I hated all of them. So disappointed. Atleast you found a cute dress. That would be cute for memorial day weekend too. :)


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