Thursday, May 24, 2012


My husband and I went out for dinner at a little Italian restaurant the other night to celebrate our first anniversary. The food was incredible, the atmosphere was great (Sinatra music, dim lighting, white twinkling lights), and I had a pretty hot date too, so what more can I really ask for?
Dress- Marshalls
Does this dress look familiar? I didn't waste any time ripping the tags off of this one.
Belt- F21
Pumps- Rampage
Necklace- gift

Bracelets- J.Crew (via eBay), Lia Sophia, Strawberry's

I got the Chicken Marsala, big surprise. Fun Fact About Me: Chicken Marsala is my favorite and so I order it everytime we go to a restaurant that offers it on their menu. I'm kind of like a Marsala connoisseur, technically I could have a blog about just Marsala and my taste testing but that would be pretty boring. My favorite place to get this dish is Carmine's but for the first time, ever I've found a place that ties with Carmine's. It was that good.

My husband got the White Risotto with Sausage, which was also delish!

...and then we came home and unwrapped the top (well half of the top) of our wedding cake from a year ago. We were both pretty skeptical about how it would taste and we were both pleasantly surprised. It tasted just like it did on our wedding day!

Did you eat your cake on your first anniversary too?
Do you plan on following through with this tradition when you get married?


  1. What a fun night, and you look great! We totally ate the top of our wedding cake on our year anniversary and were SHOCKED at how good it was too! Pleasant surprise, right?!

  2. I'm so bummed to say we didn't get to save the top of our wedding cake. we left in such a hurry and no one remembered that little tradition. :(

  3. Such a cute outfit! Love stripes.
    We saved our cake top too but I can't remember if we ate it a year later or sooner lol

  4. so much to drool over in this post.
    the arm candy, the food, the food, the food.
    love it all.

  5. Love the dress!! And the food looks delicious!! :)

  6. The food looks amzing, and so does your dress :)

  7. That dress fits you like a glove! Our bakery will bake us another top layer of our cake for our anniversary. I thought that would taste better than the frozen cake :)

    The Tiny Heart

  8. You look super cute!! The food looks amazing!!! <3

  9. Cute dress!
    I am a fellow Marsala lover :)

  10. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!! WOW!! A year already!? Looks like you had a beautiful celebration and delish cake!!

  11. love your dress! the way you are with chicken marsala is how I am with eggplant haha. always order it! my dad makes an amazing chicken marsala though btw ;)

  12. hi! new to the blogosphere and came across yours somehow.. i LOVE your style! very excited to keep reading :))

  13. congratulations on your anniversary! love your dress and the food looked amazing. ohhhh your wedding cake was awesome! glad you enjoyed.


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