Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I had a bunch of clothes to get rid of. I really don't like listing used clothing on eBay because some people are impossible to please and think they're buying new. I'm not a huge fan of consignment shops either when it comes to selling there because you have to wait for it to sell and then remember to go back for your check. So lately, I've been selling to Plato's Closet because it's just easier sometimes but there are some drawbacks too so I'll share with the pros and cons.

  • Easy way to get rid of unwanted clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories.
  • You get paid the day that you drop off the items.
  • You can shop around for deals while you wait for your clothes to be sorted.
  • They are very picky and they opted out of some of my items that still had tags on them.
  • They aren't very good at making offers. They offered me $4 for a used Charlotte Russe dress and $4 for a new (without tags) Diesel t-shirt. The dress retails for maybe $30 and the shirt retails for $60, does that make any sense?
  • They don't take any dressy dresses, just casual dresses.
Shopping Tip: Sometimes zippers are broken, there are stains, there are pills, holes, or defects. So look your items over very closely. This seems crazy after I just told you how picky they are, right? I can't quite wrap my head around that one either.

Bottom Line: If you decide to sell to Plato's Closet I suggest you check what they are offering you for each item because sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. I ended up taking the Diesel shirt back home with me, along with a few others that will be eBayed.

Now onto the fun stuff, here are the two gems that I found while I was there:

J.Crew silk/cotton blend navy dress for $16.00

Statement Necklace for $6.00


  1. I have not been to plato's closet in a long time. I really felt like it was never worth my time, i have not idea how they judge things. I feel like in the past they always took the low end items, and passed on the better name brands. weird.

  2. LOOOOVE platos closet!!! i have never found anything there personally, but they give you some pretty good money for your old duds!

    that jcrew dress is beaauuutiful.. what a fabulous find!

  3. What a great idea! I'm not sure if there's a Plato Closet in Toronto (or something similar) - I usually end up donating most of my clothes...but I'm doing something similar with baby stuff - trying to sell a lot of it now that they don't need it anymore - it will get rid of clutter - and I plan on using any money I make to get a new bag :-) It's a great motivator for me LOL!

  4. i agree that they are VERY picky and sometimes i dont understand their choices, but i took some stuff last friday and made $100 off of it!
    xoxo, jillian


  5. I remember going to a Platos out where I go to school and I had quite a bit of things, and a lot were from Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, they offered me less than $2 a piece for them when they were brand new with tags. I didn't end up selling anything to them and walked away with my stuff.
    I love that dress you found though, very cute!


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