Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Nails

I'm not one for crazy nail art/design. I appreciate it and I love it but for myself, I always like to keep my nails and my overall look simple and classic. With that being said, I don't mind a little nail art here and there- like for special occasions. I went for a classic red with a hint of sparkle and a simple design that was inspired by this pin on Pinterest.
I had "Ton of Bricks" already on my nails, then I came across "Red Velvet" in the store, had to have it, bought it, painted over "Ton of Bricks" and used the Art Deco polishes to create the design.

What You Need for the Perfect Holiday Nails
(from left to right)
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails- Ton of Bricks #450
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength- Red Velvet #370
Art Deco- White
Art Deco- Silver Glitter
(Gold Glitter would also be really pretty)


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