Monday, December 17, 2012

I know, it's been a while...

Wow! This month is flying by and I just realized that it's been forever since I've posted anything on here. I've been so consumed with Christmas shopping, decorating, working, getting the baby's room in order, cleaning and washing everything for her, and our weekends have been packed full of events.

I apologize for not updating more often but I have one heck of a to-do list to tackle so I hope you understand. On the bright side though, I have a bunch of posts lined up and I'll be posting them as soon as I possibly can.

Here's what is coming up:
  • My baby shower!
  • 33 week BUMPdate (a week behind, I'm currently 34 weeks)
  • OOTD's
  • Holiday nail polishes


  1. Honey - can i just tell you how overwhelmed I'm feeling too?!? I can imagine what you're going through trying to get Christmas in order all while trying to nest a bit too! Miss ya'!



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