Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Monthly Milestones: 8 Months

I'm about 2 weeks late with this post- Aubrey is now 9 1/2 months old! 
Here is the recap of her 8th month:

Month 8
Weight & Length: about 19 lbs., approximately 28 inches 
Clothing Size: 9 months and 12 months
Diaper Size: Size 3
Sleep: Two words. Separation Anxiety. We went through a week and half of her waking several times throughout the night. She wasn't hungry she just wanted to make sure that we didn't leave her and she wanted to be cuddled. She hasn't been getting a lot of solid sleep at night since the 4 month growth spurt so we decided that it may just be time to start sleep training. The pediatrician wants us to drop her night feeding by the time she hits 9 months so we're working on that. She wakes at 3 or 4am every night and it's so hard to not give in because I know if I feed her she'll go right back to sleep. 
Feeding: 6 1/2 or 7 ounce bottles of breast milk every 4 hours, fruits, veggies, meat, oatmeal, and rice cereal
Hair Color: Medium brown with a golden hue. Her hair s starting to get curls and waves!
Eye Color: dark blue/gray with flecks of brown- a perfect combo of mine and my husbands eyes.
Milestones & Firsts: She started crawling and she is so fast! She's climbing on everything and exploring whatever she can get in to. She uses her index finger to point to things like her favorite things in a book we are reading, each individual polka dot on her shirt, or whatever she is attracted to at the moment- it's so ridiculously cute! Every. Single. Time we read Goodnight Moon she points to the little mouse. She can pull herself up and stand in her crib and while holding onto furniture. She cut two bottom teeth. Babbling a ton. She is such a happy little girl and she seems to learning a new trick every day now. Once again, I'll say it... my favorite month so far!  
Nicknames: Aubster, Aubs, Aubstalina, Lobster, Aubs Lobs 


  1. she is too sweet! I feel your pain on the separation anxiety - it gets better!!

  2. Happy eight months!!! She is TOO precious! My daughter went through the same seperation thing, but I promise, it does get better! :)

  3. She is such a pretty baby! I can't believe she's over 9 months! What a cutie pie :)

  4. Seriously, she has the sweetest little face. Don't you want to come out to ID so I can snuggle her?!? ;)

    I was doing some Christmas shopping last night for my boys and couldn't help but notice the plethora of darling little girls items everywhere I went. Girls would be so much fun to shop for!!

  5. Awww - you're right, this is such a fun age! Love this stage when they're so curious about their surroundings and learning and responding so much!


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