Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Review

I finally wore my necklace! I ordered this in the beginning of the summer from Groopdealz. It was an impulse buy. I knew I loved it but I wasn't sure how I would like it on myself. I spent the whole summer putting it on and taking it off because I just didn't feel right wearing it. I looked in my jewelry drawer the other day thinking- well, that's it for this necklace, summer is over. Then I decided to try it on with this blue J.Crew top on Friday and-- Bam! I loved it!

Little Aubrey at the end of our TarJAY FriDAY trip- sick of watching me look at makeup. And yes, every Friday is TarJAY FriDAY for us; think of it as a momma/daughter date. She seriously loves it there, I don't know if its the bright red carts or what but as soon as we step in that store she is smiling, laughing, and acting silly.

BTW how adorable is Aubrey's headband? Megan, the designer at Willow Crowns made this. Check out her shop which is filled with all things pretty and cute. 
A very exciting giveaway is coming up later this week so stay tuned...
Speaking of Target, if you haven't hit their dollar bins lately, you should. There are so many great finds in there right now including these labels, gold alphabet stickers, and silver glittered tape. I have no idea what I'm labeling but I'm sure I'll find something.

I picked up a holiday dress for Aubrey so I was looking at tights and I found these cuties (at Target, or course). Either pair will match her dress perfectly- I'm so excited for her to wear these!
Friday was a good mail day. I got this beauty from Very Jane. Can't wait to wear it- it's such a pretty, versatile piece.
My mom broke out a photo album from when I was Aubrey's age to show me how much I looked like Aubrey. She tells me all the time how she never thought she would be able to see me again as a baby but she feels like she can now when looking at Aubs. Pretty cool feeling. I hope I can experience that one day too.

I have a drawer filled with nail polishes but I'm kinda sick of them all so I picked up a couple new shades. Sally Hansen Grey Area and Coin Flip. 
I finally found the time to give myself an at home mani and I am loving Grey Area- exactly what I was looking for! It's holding up great too. I painted my nails on Friday night and there are no chips so far- after washing a whole lot of baby bottles and painting a room!

Yes, you heard that right- we painted Aubrey's room in our new house. We're hoping to paint a few more rooms before we move in while everything is covered in plastic and there's no furniture to worry about. It's starting to become real.

Disclaimer: Willow Crowns sent the headband pictured here. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own and are not altered in any way.

 How was your weekend?


  1. we do tarjay friday every week too! and tarjay monday, tuesday, wednesday....

  2. First time by the blog & newest follower! My daughter & I also love Tarjay dates TOO often! I should try to narrow it down to once a week. :)

    Your little lady is ADORABLE!

  3. I just bought the gray area and Essie penny talk which is almost that shade. The gray area stayed on my toes for weeks without touch up, I love it! I almost bought that necklace but ended up waiting and it sold out :(

  4. Loved this post! So many things I can comment on! First, that colorful necklace looks amazing on you! It definitely goes well with the blue top. I also love the one you got from very Jane. I'll have to take a peek at that site! And Aubrey is too cute. I went to target no less than twice last week!

  5. I"m glad you finally broke out the necklace, it's stunning! And it's uncanny how much Aubrey looks like you! She could be your little twin!!


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