Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Victoria's Secret Abercrombie Target Haul

This past weekend my fiance and I started our wedding registry at Bed Bath & Beyond and it was SO much fun! It's so easy to go wild when you go around with that little scanner. We picked our fine china but we still haven't completely decided on everyday dinnerware. I found this adorable oven mitt. I just wish they had the matching pot holders but I still cound't resist it.
Then we went to Target and I picked up a blackhead & blemish scrub because I've been breaking out lately. I was also happy to find Soap & Glory's Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser. I haven't tried it yet but I'll post a review when I do. My dentist recommended the Crest Spinbrush so I decided to give it a whirl (haha, get it? Corny, I know.) The results? I love it! I definately notice a difference and it does reach those hard to reach areas that manual toothbrushes can't.
Next stop was the mall. Speaking of teeth, we saw a place in the mall called Bleachbright. Their claim is whiter teeth, by 2-8 shades, in just 15 minutes. Has anyone ever tried this? I'm a little skeptical as it's in a mall and I'm pretty sure they aren't dentists that perform the procedure.

Abercrombie dress/tunic

Abercrombie Erin Skinny Jeans
I love Abercrombie jeans.
They're the only jeans I buy because they fit me like they were made especially for me.

Victoria's Secret Vintage Slim Sweats
$5 tee (with Pink purchase)
I signed up for Pink Nation- they send you great offers and emails like this one.

Airwalk Black Suede Flats with super soft lining
They will definately keep me warm this fall.
I'm expecting a few packages but they are taking forever to get here
so there will be another haul coming soon!


  1. That oven mitt is too cute for words. I showed my fiance and he rolled his eyes! lol Guys wouldn't understand. And there's a bow on it? Too cute! I love that Abercombie dress. It's really cute. Great haul, can't wait to see your next one!

  2. nice haul and my fav is the dress :)

  3. It's just something guys will never understand. And John says, "Grow up" Psssh! I wanna be young forever, atleast at heart. :) The wedding plans aren't really going anywhere to be honest. With moving and going to a new school, I'm so overwhelmed with school work and just the fact of being away from home and friends. :( So the plans currently are at a stand still. Although I have been looking at dresses. Haha

  4. I miss signing up for wedding registries! DH and I had so much fun picking stuff out (well, at least when we agreed on the same thing :) )

    That oven mitt is so cute! For whatever reason, it looks like something Charlotte from SATC would have :)

    (The Pretty Pauper)
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  5. Great finds. Love the oven mitt!


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