Sunday, September 12, 2010

Throwback Nails

"Throwback Nails," as my fiance likes to call them. My signature nails are either french manicure or a nude color. I tend to favor things that are classic and timeless. They see color every so often though- pinks, corals, reds, deep purples...
Years ago, when I first met my fiance, I had acrylic nails that I would have done on a weekly basis-religiously. I gave that up a while ago and since then I've been really focused on keeping my nails healthy. This was my signature nail style back in my acrylic days:
So, when my fiance saw my nails he said "Oh, throwback nails, huh?" I thought it was cute that he noticed (and remembered).
Here's what I used:
L.A Colors Art Deco Silver Sparkle
Hoof Hands Little White Lies White French Tip Pen
--Love this pen! It makes french tips so easy. Like less than 5 minutes easy.
Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat
What are your "throwback nails?"


  1. aww that is cute that he noticed. I think my throwback nails would have to be a bright colour with dots on.

  2. its a miracle when guys notice small things. my throwback nails are longer acrylics with brown and gold. i used to be obsessed with that combo. now 3 yrs later my acrylics are super short and diff colors lol

  3. Hi, Schelle, how are you?aww thats cute he notice your nails!and I never tried using acrylic nails before. how long does they last you?I usually wear nail polish, colours like nudes and pink are my favourite ones.


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