Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Stationary Suite

There are so many things to think about when it comes to wedding planning- the dress, the flowers, the centerpieces, the food, and the list goes on... Often times, the stationary gets overlooked but it is actually pretty important because it's the first indicator of what your event will be like and it sets the tone.

Stationary can get pricey, so while it's important to stay within budget, you also want to make sure you are truly happy and comfortable with what you are sending out. There are several things that you can do yourself to spruce up you invites like adding your own envelope liners, adding embellishments to the invitation itself, or sealing the envelope with a monogrammed wax seal.

As I was browsing the internet looking for stationary, I found that the prices were a little higher than what our budget called for and I also wasn't finding exaclty what I was looking for so I turned to eBay. I tend to turn to eBay for a lot of things that I have trouble finding and 8 times out of ten I'm successful.

Many of you remember me posting my save the dates and I got quite a few emails asking where I found them. Can you guess where? If you guessed eBay, you guessed right! I've been working with the talented Sharon of All About Divas and she has been nothing but helpful. This the entire stationary suite for the design that we picked:

Thank You


You can even get a matching slide show to put on loop at the shower, rehearsal, or wedding!
Slide Show

You may not need all of these but at least you know that you have options. For example, we have to submit our head count and dinner selections 7 days prior to the wedding so we don't need a menu.
Sharon offers so many beautiful designs that are fairly priced so if you are shopping for stationary check out her eBay store All About Divas.

***I have not been paid to post this nor am I receiving any complementary services from All About Divas. The opinions expressed in this post are my own honest opinions***


  1. Very pretty. I was thinking the same thing as far as "sprucing" up the cards. It'd be easier and cheaper to glam the cards up on your own, then buying them like that. Very cute set though. :)

    I know we live so close, it's weird. Sometimes I think I'll run into you when I go to the Scranton malls. It's funny. :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. I love love your stationary!


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