Sunday, January 22, 2012

DIY Framed Art & Cute Cupcake Wrappers

How is that for a random post title?! I had this bare wall in my bathroom that really needed something. Anything. I've been looking for the right picture, shelf, wall art, etc. for months now and I have yet to find anything that I like. While browsing through the different scrapbooking papers in Michael's today, it dawned on me: frame a piece of scrapbook paper!

without flash

with flash

Cost Breakdown: Frame, on sale for $4.99; solid lilac paper, 29 cents; lilac pearlized filigree paper: on clearance for only 99 cents

I also wanted to mention that Michael's has the cutest cupcake wrappers in their dollar bins. I picked up two; I would've gotten more but I have an entire drawer dedicated to cucake wrappers already. I've come to the realization that I am a wrapping paper and cupcake wrapper hoarder collector!

What is your weakness? Are you a cupcake wrapper collector too?


  1. Love the idea of framing the scrap book paper!! Looks soo good!!

    I don't collect either but I do collect many things that are just so unnecessary - lol.

  2. Haha, I LOVED the title. :) What a fun/cute/inexpensive DIY project. I still have so much bare wall space in my house (and we've been moved in for four years) and I'm always looking for cute ways to fill it!

  3. The framed art looks awesome and I am now obsessed with the cupcake wrappers. I might just have to stop by sometime today to pick these up!

  4. cute! I love the pretty artwork. I saw some heart cupcake wrappers that I wanted to get but I didn't because I think I'm going to bake Vday cookies instead but I love the pretty cupcake wrappers!

  5. Love it! I love DIY and coming up with different ways to decorate on a budget. And cupcakes are my favorite and loving the colors/prints of yours. Great deal.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  6. That's such a good idea and so perfect for a bathroom! You are creative.

  7. OHHH so pretty. Love your blog. It is so bright and clean.

    Thanks for all the great DIY and pictures.

    I am now a new follower.

  8. I collect all my cards and notes ppl have given me! I have so many, I try to decorate my room with them haha

    xo Nav

  9. So cute! I love the blue wrappers. I never thought to go to Michaels for their dollar bins.


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