Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hitting the Slopes!

2012 is the year of firsts for my husband and I couldn't be happier. I've begged him for years to go ice skating and snowboarding with me but he never has until recently. A few weeks ago we went ice skating for the first time ever (together, that is) and yesterday I finally convinced him to go snowboarding with me and my brothers. My family has always been into winter activities like this so it's normal for me but my husband never did any of this growing up so I'm really happy that he gave it a try. As it turns out ice skating isn't his cup of tea but he loved snowboarding so we hope to head back to the slopes next week.

I'm a really bad blogger though because I didn't take any photos at all. We were too busy having fun to stop and snap pictures and I didn't want to bring my camera and risk getting it ruined in the wet snow. I did snap a few photos of my snowboard just so I had something to show you (and to make this post a little prettier). Should I take photos next time we go, is that something you would want to see? 

Do you ski, snowboard, or ice skate? What do you do to keep busy during the winter months?


  1. Yes!! Take pix next time!!

    I snowboard as well! :) Haven't been this year, yet, though.

  2. Ugh, I still need to give snowboarding another go. My hubs and oldest son love it and I'm trying to love it so we can all do it together. I want to get lessons this year but our snow has been so minimal this winter!

  3. What a super cute snowboard! If I were anywhere coordinated enough to snowboard then I would totally have to get a board like this one! :)

  4. Your snowboard is too cute! I've grown up skiing, but want to learn to snowboard too-- Definitely take pics next time!


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