Saturday, January 21, 2012

Valentine's Decor & DIY

Dining Room Table
Pink Sequin & Pearl Hearts- Michael's (last year)

Lolita Red Hot Martini Glass
(gift but they sell them at Hallmark) 

Heart Rug
Target's Bargain Bin, I think it was $2.50

Dollar Store Heart Wreath wrapped with heart garland (also from the dollar store) to make it fuller.

Lighted Heart Garland
Inspired by a Pinterest via

Super Simple Project: Branches gathered from the grape vine in my backyard (but any branches will do), heart picks from the dollar store, and some floral wire. I carefully separated the hearts from the sticks, cut wire and formed it to create a hanger, hung them on the branches and viola! 


  1. aaa! I love all of those!!
    However my favourite is the lighted heart garland and the heart rug!

  2. How cute! I have to say that I absolutely love the heart garland. Was it hard to make?

  3. HAHA cute! I never thought of doing valentines day decor, but it sure makes for a cheerful few weeks before the 14th.


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