Monday, August 13, 2012

Want a Spot?

So, guess what?! I'm leaving on Friday night for a week of relaxation at the beach and it just dawned on me now that Friday is now just days away!

I know this is super short notice but if any of you lovely ladies would like to guest post while I'm away I would love to have you! I'm not picky so you can feel free to go in any direction that your little heart desires with your post. But here's the thing, I need to have your post no later than Thursday.

The first 5 ladies that contact me will have a spot and will be featured on my blog next week!

Update: The spots are all filled. I have a fabulous line up of ladies filling in for me next week so stay tuned...


  1. I would love to guest post! Do you want us to email you our entries?

  2. Hi Schnelle - count me in for a guest post if you still need one :-)

  3. You're going away?! AMAZING!! Lucky duck, just a few more sleeeeeps :)

  4. Awe, missed guest posts. :( That's so exciting you're going to the beach though! I hope you have an amazing time! :)

  5. dang i'm sad i missed this! have fun on your vacation and think of me while you're catching rays!


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