Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rock the Vote- Pregnant Pageant

Some of you may remember me talking about the Pregnant Pumpkin Pageant that we entered here. My husband painted my belly and I patiently watched... for 3 hours! We are competing to win a years supply of diapers- and because a little competition is always fun too. Well this week has flown by and I forgot to tell you that the voting has opened. 

Today is the last day to vote! 
You can sign in using your facebook account and 
you can vote up to 50 times if you just keep clicking the "vote" button. 

CLICK HERE for the link where you can find the famous Nyan Cat.

Thanks for Voting!


  1. So cute! That takes some talent! I can't draw to save my life ;) Your belly is adorable

  2. Aww I'm so upset I didn't read until this morning. I hope you still won!


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