Monday, June 17, 2013

Aubrey's Favorites

I love this set up because the car seat clicks right into the stroller frame so we can easily transport her. She always falls asleep in the car so this allows us to easily (and usually seamlessly) transport her from the car to the stroller or the car to the house without disturbing her sleep. Often times we'll let her sleep right in her seat once we carry her in the house. We have two car seat bases for each of our vehicles and one seat that easily clicks into the base. 

She just started using this new toy a couple of weeks ago and she loves it! She jumps and bounces and plays with all of the toys surrounding her. I love the silly music is plays when she bounces too. This little activity center keeps her entertained for quite a while which is such a help for me when I need to get some work done.

This swing is a lifesaver. She gets some of her best naps in this swing. There are adjustable speed settings, a rotating mobile, and several different tunes to lull her to relaxation.

This no-rinse cleaning fluid is gentle and so easy to use anywhere because no water is needed. I use it on her hands all the time because she is constantly putting them in her mouth.

She's just starting to grow out of this but we used this from day 1, well day 1 that she was home anyway. She slept in this while she was in our room and it folds up so we would bring it with us when we were visiting family. She really loved the feeling of being snuggled when she slept and the curvature of this bassinet gave her that cozy feeling. We swaddled her but she wasn't happy being swaddled in her crib until just recently. I think she really likes having her room to spread out now that she is getting bigger. 

This is the only way that I can get a shower. I bring this right into the bathroom with me and she is perfectly content sitting in it while it vibrates and plays music. She hung out in this a lot during her first and second month but now that she is becoming more active she just relaxes in it here and there. Also, now that she's getting older I can sometimes put her down for a nap in her crib, bring the monitor in the bathroom and grab a quick shower.

I really think we are getting close to entering the teething stage because she is drooling like crazy and she'll chew on just about anything she can get her hands on these days. We pop this in the freezer and give this to her on hot days. It's easy for her to hold and she loves it.

We just started putting her in the high chair a few weeks ago and she is really liking the idea of being a part of dinner time with us. It straps right onto the chair and has adjustable seat positions which is great. Right now she is reclined a bit. She hangs out at the table with us and plays with all of her toys while we eat dinner. 

This is by far her favorite toy right now. She holds onto the seahorse with both hands while she tries to fit the entire thing in her tiny mouth- it's hilarious! She also likes to shake it and make noise. It has an easy to hold handle and the top fin and bottom tail are soft chewable teethers. 

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  1. You couldn't have posted this at a better time for me! I was just talking to my mom about if we were missing anything for the baby and it never occurred to me to get the Mustela. I'm a germ freak so this will definitely be something I order!


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