Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bathing Beauty: Mommy & Me Swimwear

This past weekend was filled with a bunch of firsts for our little Aubrey- 1st time playing in her jumparoo~ total success! She loved bouncing and playing with all of her new toys.

1st taste of rice cereal~ semi-successful. She is still exclusively breastfed but we decided to try a couple spoonfuls of rice cereal because she is showing all of the signs of being ready for foods: head control, doubled her birth weight, chewing motions (she's chewing on everything these days), curiosity about what we're eating, and a growing appetite. She did pretty well but it was a mess, as expected for her first time. We're not introducing veggies or fruits until 6 months so for now, we'll offer her rice cereal here and there to slowly get her used to the spoon.

...and last but not least- 1st time in the pool~ total success! She had so much fun playing with her bath toys in the pool. She's all about accessories, like mother like daughter. She kept her sunnies and hun hat on the whole time like a true fashionista. She's too young for sunscreen (6 months+ is the recommended age for that) but she was shaded the entire time by the beach umbrella. We brought her Bumbo out for her to sit in which worked out well. She wasn't heavy enough to weigh it down but I kept my feet under it to elevate her a bit while she played and I got some sun on the other side of the umbrella. The rest of the time, she was on my lap under the umbrella, of course. I can tell this is going to be one very fun summer!

If you remember this post, I was discussing the post-baby body swimsuit debate. I decided to go with a one piece after all, mostly because I still have some tightening to do and I don't want to expose my linea nigra to any sun and risk any darkening that may set me back. It keeps getting lighter but I feel like sun exposure could do one of two things: make it blend into my tan or darken it even more. I have a feeling that once my tan fades, the line would stay darker. I may be over-thinking it but I just don't want to take that risk for the sake of a tan tummy.
Mommy's Suit: Old Navy
Aubrey's Suit: Carter's
So I decided on this one piece from, you guessed it- Old Navy! It's not on their website so I was pleasantly surprised to find it. I bought the pool and decided that I needed a suit that day too so I was all in for a quick impulse buy. This was a good impulse buy though- I'm really happy with the fit, style, color, AND Aubrey and I are kind of color-coordinated too!

I'm so obsessed with her bathing suit that it's part of the decor in her room right now along with her seersucker sun hat. 


  1. I bought that same swimsuit for Harper for when she is older :) you look great! I also still have the's not super dark but I can't wait for it to go away. I heard using a loofa might work so I need to by one.

    you look great and she is adorable!

  2. your suit is sexy!

    Oh rice cereal... my boys always needed extra food so I introduced rice cereal to each of them around 3 months. SUPER thin paste at first but it held their bellies over!

    1. Thanks! She hasn't been eating as much lately (or so it seems) so I thought I'd give it a try to make sure she's getting all that she needs. I made it super thin too, to start:)

  3. That is just about the cutest little swimsuit and I love yours too! That's good thinking about exposing the line in the sun. I feel like mine is getting darker :-/


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