Sunday, October 13, 2013

Changing with the Season

So... I've had the ombre look for over 2 years now and as much as I love it, I just felt like I needed a change. I contemplated cutting my hair, like many new moms do, but I decided against that when I remembered how much more work that will actually be for me.

My hair is actually much more manageable when it's long because it's naturally curly/wavy because the weight of my longer hair helps to keep the unruly curls at bay. Plus, I have my hair routine down to a science now. I wash it and curl it twice a week and it will hold the curl until my next washing. It doesn't get too much easier than that.

Here is the BEFORE:

...and here is the AFTER:
Sorry for the grainy picture, the lighting was bad once I got home to finally take a photo.
It's hard to tell in the photos but the ombre is still there ever so slightly. She didn't color my full head of hair, she did balayage lowlights over my ombre. The color she used was a dark drown with a hint of red.

I went into the salon wanting my hair colored dark brown/black- back to my natural color but she convinced me to go this route and I'm kind of freaking out. I liked it when I came home from the salon but after washing it and styling it as usual today, I'm not such a fan.

When I curled it I realized just how much she chopped off. Not thrilled. My hair isn't holding a curl as well either and the curls that do hold look kind of strange. Oh and then there's the bangs- maybe I just need to get used to them. The color is another big adjustment. It's SO dark. My hair is dark brown/black naturally but this is like a whole new level of darkness because its so deep.

I. miss. my. good ol' ombre. bad.


  1. I am scared to change my hair too! I think your hair looks good---and I always hate my haircuts for the first two weeks...then my hair settles down and it starts to curl normally again :) for what it's worth, it does not look short at all to me! I also agree short hair is more work which is why I'm keeping mine long. I LOVE topknots and ballerina buns and they are so easy to do with long hair :)

  2. Love your new do! Bangs look SO great on you. Seriously love it :)

  3. I think the darker colour looks great on you! It's more wintry anyway so it can be your Fall/Winter look and you can go back to ombre in the summer if you want to.

    xo, alison*elle

  4. EVERY time I get a trim/cut it takes a good week or two to be able to get my hair to curl the way it did before the cut! Give it just a little more time... and I'm loving the bangs!

  5. Both your before and after pics are super-gorgeous! You're lucky because both looks totally suit you!

  6. Really liking the bangs. Super modern and trendy. I saw that you recently moved out of NYC how hard is that?! I just moved to Tennessee from there for my husbands job and I totally miss it.


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