Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MMR: Celebrity Doppelgänger

Question of the Month: Who is your celebrity doppelgangers? Do people keep telling you that you remind them of someone?

I've never really had anyone tell me that I look like someone else, unless my mom counts and I've never been told that I resemble a celebrity. This all changed this past week when I decided to dramatically change my hair.
This is the photo that I brought to the salon to show what kind of bangs I wanted. My stylist said that I look a lot like her. I don't really see it. Do you?  Then my father in law told me that I look like Lea Michele with my new bangs. I'll take it- I think she's beautiful! Maybe it would help if I could remember that every time I get second thoughts about my new hairstyle. Maybe.

Here are my Celebrity Doppelgangers that were generated via the My Heritage app.:


  1. I'd say that you are a spot-on doppleganger for Lea Michelle! Lucky you, you're both GORGEOUS!!

  2. Yes - I totally see the similarity to the photo you brought in to the hairstylist :-) Also loving the South Asian celebs that you got matched to LOL ;-)


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