Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hello Fall!

Our weekend was filled with all things fall even though it was over 80 degrees outside. We went to a fall festival at a local farm this weekend and while I expected to wear a cute fall outfit, I ended up in jeans and a tank top and I was still hot. I'm not complaining at all though; we soaked up what will probably be the last of the warm weather and enjoyed a full day of sunshine.
I've joined the chalkboard party! I plan on updating the board for every season/holiday/event etc. It's so much fun and for me, it's a great stress reliever.

Freshly picked pumpkins and gourds to decorate the house with.

How beautiful is this old green house?! I'm so in love with it. Wouldn't it make the perfect location for a party, wedding, or shower?

Such a relaxing little spot that we found on the farm. There were benches where you could take a load off and listen to the trickling water.

Heart shaped leaves- so pretty!

We fed some ducks...

...and Aubrey got to pet a calf! She immediately started reaching for the baby cow and she was so interested in checking her out. So cute.

via Hillside Farms
Talk about being in the right place at the right time- we got to witness the birth of this little calf that you see here. It was the coolest experience.

We tested out some delicious salsa and bought and bought a jar of mild which was still pretty hot.

...and I started decorating as soon as we got home. You may have noticed that the bottom shelf is empty; this is what happens when you have a little explorer in you house that now crawls everywhere wanting to check everything out and put it in her mouth. We're also packing lots of stuff away for our big move so I guess the consolidation came at the right time anyway.

Have you been to any fall festivals yet?
Don't ya just love fall?


  1. That green house is so pretty!

    1. ugh I know! I want to have family photos taken there someday...

  2. Fall is my favorite season! We're taking Lucas on Saturday to a pumpkin patch :-) He won't remember it but I can't pass up pictures of him next to big pumpkins lol

    1. That's great! We were saying how much fun it will be in the coming years, so exciting!


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