Monday, October 7, 2013

Monthly Milestones: 7 Months

Aubrey turned 8 months old on September 28th so here is our 7 month recap:

The monthly stickers aren't holding up so well anymore. She just wants to tear them off and crinkle them up so I'm lucky if I get 3 pictures now with the sticker before it's gone.

Month 7
Weight & Length: 18 lbs. 7oz., 27 1/4 inches 
Clothing Size: 6-9 months and even some 12 months!
Diaper Size: Size 3
Sleep: Two words. Separation Anxiety. We went through a week and half of her waking several times throughout the night. She wasn't hungry she just wanted to make sure that we didn't leave her and she wanted to be cuddled. She hasn't been getting a lot of solid sleep at night since the 4 month growth spurt so we decided that it may just be time to start sleep training. The pediatrician wants us to drop her night feeding by the time she hits 9 months so we're working on that. She wakes at 3 or 4am every night and it's so hard to not give in because I know if I feed her she'll go right back to sleep. 
Feeding: 4 1/2-5 oz bottles of breast milk, fruits, veggies, meat, and rice cereal
We started a new routine to help with sleep training so toward the end of the month she started taking 6oz bottles. I'll post our new routine below.
Hair Color: Medium brown with a golden hue. Little curls are starting to form at the ends of her hair!
Eye Color: Hazelish- dark blue with flecks of brown- a perfect combo of mine and my husbands eyes.
Milestones & Firsts: She can sit herself up from the laying down position, she can sit up an play with toys without any wobbliness, and toward the end of the month she started pulling herself up on furniture and in the crib. She is scooting around everywhere and really gaining some distance. She loves drinking from a cup- not a sippy either! She grabbed on to my cup when I was holding her and tried to drink my water so I let her and she loved it. We now give her cups of milk or water from time to time. Last but certainly not least- she said "mama!" 
Nicknames: Aubster, Aubs, Aubstalina, Lobster, Aubs Lobs
Future Penn State Cheerleader!
She did this pose all on her own, she's a pro already!


  1. How exciting that she says mama!!!! That moment is always so heartwarming, whether it's your first or you last. :) And she's getting little curls?!?! I die... too cute!

  2. Your daughter is such a doll. Mine just turned one last month. They sure grow up fast, don't they?

  3. She is growing up beautifully !!!


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