Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Decorating Part 1

Centerpiece on our dining room table

Girly Christmas Spray

Pink & Gold Wreath (that I made)


Wreath on front door
-I'm hoping to make one of those ornament wreaths, so it may be replaced.

Wreath on back door

Part 2 will include our tree, living room decorations and the outside lights that we put up today.


  1. So much fun, I LOVE decorating for this time of year!

  2. gorgeous decor i cant wait to start myself!!

  3. Very pretty decorations :) I love decorating with bulbs and candles. so pretty

  4. so pretty! I just tried pulling out our Christmas decorations this week but our storage unit is SO full that I couldn't even get to them! haha! I have to order new ones now. I love your wreaths!

  5. WOW you've decorated so much! And it all looks great might I add! We still have to get the Christmas tree up over here and hang our stockings too!


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