Monday, December 12, 2011

OOTD NOTD & More Xmas Decorations

Black Glitter Sweater -Wet Seal
Black Jeans -Express
Scarf -Pac Sun
Gold Glitter Flats -Charlotte Russe
 I did some more Christmas shopping yesterday and this is what I wore- something simple, comfortable, and warm! I never wear my hair up but I decided to try my new hair doughnut to make one of those big buns and I loved my hair so I kept it up. The hair doughnut does take some getting used to and it is pretty difficult to use when you have a lot of layers like I do but the end result is gorgeous.
Nina Ultra Pro -Never Glum Plum (I added white to the bottle and mixed it to lighten the color up a bit)
Wet n' Wild Wild Shine -Kaleidoscope
Ring- Lia Sophia

I picked up this pretty sparkly greenery at Michaels and added it to a vase that we used at our wedding.
I love using things from our wedding as decor in our home, it's such a nice reminder of the day.

I also picked up this adorable 16'' tree at Michaels along with the ornaments and butterfly topper.
I have been looking for ornaments like these vintage looking ones (they are light pink, light green, and silver) so I was so happy to find them. I decided to make a girly tree for my desk.

I also picked up stocking at Target. There wasn't much left so I went with the classic red and white style. I also picked up these foam glitter initials. They will have to do for now. I wanted wooden letters to hang off of the stockings but I couldn't find any that were the right size.
It's a good thing that I went to Target before Michael's yesterday because I was going to buy all of the stuff to make this ornament. I saw it here on Pinterest and I knew I had to have one because I loooveee pearls but I found one at Target and picked it up for only $3.50!
I don't know what my problem is this year but I just can't stop buying Christmas decorations and decorating! I need to stop.


  1. Love your outfit!!!

  2. pretty! love your decorations too.

  3. LOVE the blog girl! So elegant!

    Keep up the fantastic posts!
    Follow eachother?

    I just joined myself, looking for beautiful new friends!


  4. I love all of the decorations! So festive.

  5. What a great idea to use a vase from your wedding. I think it's nice to be able to use things from your wedding to remind you of your special day.

  6. i'm making some crafts this weekend and had planned on making that ornament! def going to check it out, thanks!

  7. Great post i love it!

  8. I love love love your shoes, I wanted the exact same ones from Charlotte Russe but they no longer have my size.. Bummer! Love the ornament, so cute.


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