Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Decorating Part 2: The Tree

I can't believe I found these adorable bow ornaments at the Dollar Tree!

Our first ornament from 2005. Our first Christmas was in 2003.

Vintage Mistletoe (that was my grandmother's)

We added some twinkling white lights to one of the windows upstairs.
It looks so pretty; I want to keep them up all year long!

Here's what it looks like behind the curtain.

And finally, here's the outside. We used (the new LED version of) the old fashioned Christmas bulbs.
I don't know why it came out slanted so sorry about that.
The old fashioned looking bulbs are from Target. 

I love these garland lights, they're so bright and colorful. They really make a statement.


  1. so cute, i am in love w the lights behind the curtains!

  2. The bow ornaments are from the dollar store?? Must track those down!!

  3. Very pretty tree! I lke the ornaments. I haven't done much decorating yet :/

  4. I love Christmas Decorating! It automatically puts me in a great mood!

  5. love it! Whenever my family and I try to decorate, it usually ends up being a big light mesh hehe!

    Rosie Anna

  6. how pretttyyyy<3

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  7. I love that owl ornament! It's so cute!

  8. those little bows really are adorable! I've got some twinkly lights on my bedpost, and I leave them up all year long! it looks really pretty. xx


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