Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Christmas Time in the City

We took a trip to the city this weekend to see it in all it's glory. There's no place like NYC at Christmas time. The beautiful lights, the sound of Christmas music surrounding you, the tree at Rockefeller Plaza, the overall vibe that you get in New York at this time of year is so magical. My husband, both brothers, and their girlfriends went and we covered a lot of ground all in one day.
Radio City Music Hall NYC

Tree inside the World Trade Center Shops

Rockefeller Plaza

The Famous Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Plaza

We took a walk around this park (near the World Trade Center).
It was so beautiful and if you look off into the distance you will see the Statue of Liberty.

Statue of Liberty off in the distance

One of the new towers (under construction)

The other tower (still under construction)

We went bowling at this really cool bowling alley near Times Square called Bowlmor. None of us had gone bowling in years and we forgot how much fun it is. For lunch we had a "dirty water hot dog" from a hot dog stand. I don't care what anyone says, they are delicious. I couldn't pass up my favorite street vendor either- Nuts 4 Nuts, especially with that sweet smell that fills the air. I got the cashews and my husband got sugar coated coconut chunks, both of which were scrumptious.
We ate a delicious dinner at Robert Emmetts (also near Times Square). It took us forever to find a place to eat because there was such a long wait everywhere we went. We ended our night at a comedy club called Ha! None of us had ever been to a comedy club before so it was a new experience. We sat in the front and got picked on a bit but it was all in good fun and we had a great time. I'm such a planner when it comes to everything in life but we didn't plan a thing out for this trip, we were totally spontaneous and just went with the flow of things and everything turned out amazing.

I didn't take as many pictures as I would have like to because we were so busy enjoying the city but I wish I had more. I also realized that I need to invest in a new camera because this one isn't quite cutting it anymore. And so the search is on... If you have any suggestions for a new camera drop me a line.


  1. OH, that is one of my BIGGEST dreams... to be in NYC once year for Christmas! So amazing. With three littles... it might be a while. ;)

  2. NYC during Christmas time is so beautiful!! Looks like yall had a blast!

  3. WOuld LOVE to visit NYC during Christmas. Like you said, I've heard there is nothing quite like it. Great photos!

  4. Your photos are great, what are you talking about!? :) I saw the Rockefeller Plaza too, it was cool, my first time! You guys sound like you had a fun, fun time because it was all spontaneous! I am a planner too and when I went to NYC we didn't have anything scheduled except the show! :)

  5. Very pretty! I love NY during the Christmas season. And to answer your question we bought the boxes from Big Lots believe it or not. I loved the little sticker it came with, that helped from the boxes opening up and spoiling the cookies. :)

  6. Amazing!!! Would love to vist NYC at xmas!! fab tree!!

  7. Looks absolutely gorgeous! Christmas in New York needs to be experienced at leeeeeast once! :)


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