Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Bag, New Motto


I finally found a winter white quilted bag and I love it! It's smaller than what I am used to but that's a good thing. I carry around so much crap in my purse that it's out of control. I'm such an organized person but you wouldn't know it if you looked inside my purse because it's a disaster. I carry around a makeup bag and I never use any of the makeup in it, all of the receipts are crumbled up at the bottom, I have change everywhere- you get the picture. It's time to eliminate the clutter and focus on the necessities. It's missing something though, I think it needs a purse scarf so I'm on a mission to find one in the very near future.

I spent the day Christmas shopping yesterday with the H and we did pretty good- we crossed a few more presents off the huge list that we have. Today, we are stringing up the lights and decorating the outside! We got the coolest old fashioned bulbs (pictures will follow soon). What's old is new again it seems and I am a huge fan of vintage so I love it!


  1. Beautiful i love the colour x

  2. LOVE IT!!!!

  3. Love the bag and the new motto :)

    Chelsea (

  4. Such a cute bag! I can totally relate, my husband calls my purse "the chasm." He won't even look inside it anymore, he makes me find the keys or chapstick or whatever he needs. Men... they just don't understand!


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