Monday, August 12, 2013

Aubrey's 5 & 6 Month Favorites

  • #1 Bright Stars Lots of Links- She loves playing with these and chewing on them. We keep a set attached to her car seat and it keeps her busy while we're in the car. 
  • #2 Munchkin Fresh Food Feeders- This is the best invention. ever. So far she has only had strawberries in her fresh food feeder but the possibilities are really endless. Aubrey sucks out all of the juice and has a blast and a half doing so.
  • #3 Infantino Vibrating Grape Teether- We went through a teething phase and this thing was so comforting for her. It vibrates when they bite down on it. She bit down on it so hard and I really think it helped relieve some of her discomfort. 
  • #4 Foscam IP Camera with Night Vision- In addition to a regular baby monitor we use this camera to check in on her. The coolest thing about this is that you can actually pan around the entire room using your computer, phone, iPad, whatever. I can check in on her from anywhere. The picture is so crystal clear and it even has night vision for when she's sleeping.
  • #5 Playskool Panda Glofriend- I don't know if every baby is obsessed with lights or what but Aubrey loves anything that lights up. This little stuffed animal lights up and plays music- two things that she loves in a toy, plus as an added bonus- it's her little snuggle buddy. 
  • #6 Sophie the Giraffe- Aubrey wasn't a fan at first but once she started teething she quickly became best friends with Sophie. This is easy to hold and perfect for chewing. Aubrey likes to hold her legs and chew on her antlers and ears, other times she flips her over and chews on her legs. Pretty much whatever is easier to get into her mouth at the moment is what she goes for. 


  1. We had the first three and #6....only in boy colors. Have you read about that giraffe? It has been made the same way for something like 50 years, it's safe and kids love chewing! My boys favorite toy was something called Captain Calamari from Lamaze, it took me about three months to realize there was a mirror on his bottom and that's why my oldest kept laughing while looking under his tentacles. I love the pictures you put on instagram...getting big!

    1. Great classics! Yes, I watched the video about Sophie- so cool! Lamaze has great toys too.


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