Monday, August 5, 2013

Monthly Milestones: 5 Months

Month 5
Weight & Length: 16.5 lbs. (about) 25 1/2 inches 
Clothing Size: 3-6 months and some 0-3
Diaper Size: Size 2
Sleep: We are officially in teething territory! She's been sleeping from 9pm to about 6 or 7am and sometimes waking at 3 am for a snack. We had one really bad week of teething though and she woke every 2-3 hours during that week. She 
Feeding: Nursing, but when she has a bottle she takes 4- 4 1/2 oz. every 3 hours or so. She's eating rice cereal regularly now and she's tried sweet potatoes, squash, and green beans so far. 
Hair Color: Medium brown with a golden hue. She got a lot more hair this month! I'm going to kind of miss my little baldy. 
Eye Color: Grayish blue with flecks of brown
Milestones & Firsts: She's reaching for everything, exploring, touching everything and feeling the different textures. She started sucking on her toes and she does it all the time now. I think crawling is right around the corner for this one because she's lifting her butt up in the air, and pushing forward. She gets pretty far too so we really have to keep an eye on her now. She's sitting up and leaning forward all the time too. The days of putting her in the bouncer are over and the swing is about to be retired too. She can't sit up unassisted for long but she's close! She is becoming more and more mobile every single day. It's almost time for baby gates and baby proofing-- already! 
Nicknames: Aubster, Aubs, Aubstalina, Lobster


  1. So beautiful! My sweet baby Jack just saw her and said "pretty baby!"

  2. She's so cute! Poor baby is teething though, that can't feel good :( she's precious though, such a sweet little face!

  3. She is honestly such a beautiful baby! Such a fun age (AND exhausting?), too, when they want to grab and touch everything!

  4. She's beautiful! I love that headband too

  5. She is SO adorable. I love these updates. :)

  6. She is so beautiful! I like reading these updates to see what to look forward to in the next few months! :)


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