Monday, August 19, 2013

Beaching it: The Good, The Bad & The Beautiful

The good: Aubrey did fantastic with the drive to Ocean City, MD. She slept most of the time and when she was awake she kept herself entertained with her toys. We have a beautiful condo with an amazing view...
The bad: I'm less than thrilled with the job that the cleaning crew did (or didn't do). I called to rental office to let them know how unhappy I am and they're supposed to send someone out. Our AC wasn't working and it turns out it was due to a filthy clogged filter, that was fixed yesterday. There are cobwebs, coffee  stains, sticky floors, etc. ... To top but off my allergies are killing me! I'm sick and I think it's because of the dust. 
I'm laying here in my lounge chair with this beautiful view watching the waves crash. Total perfection, right here.
Aubrey's getting plenty of naps with all of the walks that were taking.
It rained yesterday so we hit the outlets. I picked up some things at J.Crew. I'm in love with these jeans so I couldn't wait to share them. The fit is perfect!
Well Aubrey just woke up from her nap so time for lunch and a little beach time. 


  1. Well at least you have an amazing view! It's always disappointing when the place you are staying in isn't up to par though. I would call to complain too! But don't worry too much, enjoy your time there!

  2. have a great time! :) glad A is doing well :)

  3. Glad to hearing your having fun, and sorry to hear about your condo. :/ Hope it gets better!

  4. I love J.Crew jeans - I just wish they would bring back petite lengths!

  5. I have these jean! I would love them but my husband bought them for me and guessed at my size...he bought about two sizes too big :( Hope fully they will get it all cleaned up and you can spend the day outside to get the dust out.

  6. Great view you got there! Sorry to hear about your condo. Hopefully they stepped up their game.
    A is so precious!

  7. Love Aubrey's expression in that pic - she has the prettiest pout ever!

    Hope the cleaning crew are able to go back in and do the job properly - and that you feel better soon!


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