Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Juice Cups & Jewels: Mix & Match

 Hi there! My name is Jessica from Juice Cups and Jewels and I'm so excited to be here while Danielle gets some much needed R&R.
While the summer sun begin to fade it leaves me in a tough a spot while shopping, buying up clearance summer items or investing in warm sweaters I've been dreaming about? The happy medium for me is buying quality items that can mix and match from summer to winter with just a few layers!
 I feel in love with this Anthropologie dress and waited very patiently for it to drop down to my budget and then snagged it! It's a gorgeous dress worn just as it hangs but adding a few layers can also let it transition into my fall and winter wardrobe!
 Dress Anthropologie/ Boots Gap Outlet (last year)/ Necklace Groopdealz/ Jacket A lucky leftover from someone that previously visited my house (no one has claimed it yet!)/ Sweater Jcrew/ Flats AE/ Belt Betsey Johnson

 How are you planning to transition your new purchases into fall?

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