Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our Weekend: Kielbasa Festival

This past weekend we went to the Kielbasa Festival in Plymouth, PA which is a a few towns over from where we live now. It was my first time there and oh boy was it a blast from the past! You'll see what I mean in a minute...
Smoked kielbasa with sauerkraut. So good!

Jambalaya! Sooo spicy but very good.

Ok so here's what I'm talking about when I say blast from the past. This town hasn't been touched since the 60's or maybe 70's. There are no chain stores or restaurants anywhere to be seen, all local shops- such a rarity these days. 

A COLOR TV specialist?!?!

After eating all of that good food we had some quality family snuggle time. Aubrey loves her snuggles. 

Look what I found! Time to baby proof!
Nap time on Sunday. So now a days, they say no bumpers in the crib but then this happens. Not to mention bumping of her head on the hard wood headboard and rails. This seriously scares me. What if she twisted her leg before I could get to her and really hurt herself? I know that the bumpers are a no no because of the risk of suffocation but now that she can roll and move around I wonder if it's really that much of a risk anymore.
Please tell me- what did you do? Did you put the bumpers in when your baby got older or did you not use them at all?

Vacation Recap post coming soon...


  1. I am pro bumpers for that very reason! My 6 week old likes to put his arm through the rails of the changing table so I know when he uses his crib, I'm going to use bumpers. I might change mine to the mesh ones though. I posted on my facebook a picture of my baby's nursery that clearly shows I have a bumper in the crib, 10 minutes later I get an essay long message from someone telling me how bad bumpers are. I say to each their own. I'm using bumpers.

  2. How funny...little things you wouldn't think about unless they happen. My boys didn't do cribs even though we had one, there WERE bumpers on them. We were big fans of the pack and play and co-sleeping.

  3. We ended up taking the bumpers out only because peanut insisted on pushing his little face right up into it and it was giving me a heart attack. With the bumpers off though we never had an issues with bumped heads or appendages getting stuck. It really is dependent on how your child sleeps. They do have the vented bumpers available which might be a good option for you!


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